Private Dog Training


  1. REGISTER: Click on the button next to the service you are interested in to complete and submit the corresponding online form.
  2. FOLLOW-UP: After you submit the online form, I will receive it immediately and follow up with you via phone or email to schedule an appointment time that works for both our schedules.
  3. PAYMENT: Payment is required at time of service. Please bring cash or check.


Best dog training for your shelter dog, rescue dog, new puppy, for basic manners and obedience.

New Dog or Basic Manners Consultation

Great for new puppies and adult dogs! Does your dog jump on visitors, drag you down the street, pee indoors, or ignore you when you call her name at the dog park? Whether you’ve recently acquired a dog or you’ve been putting training off, we can help! Applies to dogs/puppies within 2 months of adoption or purchase. We can work on teaching your dog manners like how to:

  • Calmly sit
  • Lay down
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Walk on leash without pulling
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Stop barking for attention
  • Focus on you around distractions

$50 for 50 min

$25 for 30 min (for dogs under 6 months only)

Best dog trainer behaviorist for aggression, fearful dog, anxious dog, dominant dog.

Behavior Consultation

All training sessions focused on behavior issues such as Feisty Fido issues (barking at other dogs, people, bikes, etc) begin with a 90-minute consultation to review your dog’s history, to set goals, and to discuss which training package is right for you. After the consult, different rates for ongoing sessions will be based on your dog's issues and assessment.

$150 for 1.5-2 hrs

Fiesty Fido for reactive dog, aggressive dog, dominant dog, scared dog, biting dog.

Feisty Fido Session

Does your dog bark at other dogs while on leash? Does he seem overly exuberant and out of control as you approach people, bikes, or skateboards? Don’t worry, we can help! Dogs like this need to learn how to:

  • Feel safe- Most dogs are barking at other dogs out of anxiety or excitement. We’ll figure out why your dog is barking and how to keep her more calm.
  • How to behave appropriately with distractions nearby- Instead of barking, we can teach your dog to look at you instead, walk calmly at your side, or interact appropriately with the other dog if appropriate.

Positive reinforcement, patience, and lots of practice is needed for success. You will become an expert at reading how dogs communicate through body language. Each dog is unique, so you’ll learn to be an advocate for your own dog’s special needs.

$75-$100 for 60 minutes

Tellington TTouch® Session

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Learn the best ways to problem solve and communicate with your dog in a fun and engaging way. Tellington TTouch® is a combination of gentle touch body work comprised of circular touches, lifts, and slides; and exercises that increase confidence, calmness, self-awareness, and mental and physical balance in your dog. Our goal will be to make your dog feel safe, and allow her to be a willing and active participant in training. Watch this video to learn more! This gentle method:

  • Is currently being used by animal owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoo personnel and shelter workers on four continents. 
  • Teaches you how to become an expert at reading your dog’s body language and understanding the emotions and underlying reasons that cause your dog’s behavior.

$50 for 50 min

Private Training Policies

  • Your dog must be current on distemper, parvo, and rabies vaccines.
  • Pre-payment for initial behavior consults is required. Mail us a check, the signed Liability Waiver, and proof of current vaccinations. Appointment date will be held for 5 days until payment is received. If payment is not received within 5 days, then your appointment will be cancelled.
  • Limited scholarships are available to qualified guardians.
  • Home visits have an additional travel charge.
  • Cancellations with a 72 hour notice are eligible for a full refund. Cancellation within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment is non-refundable or exchangeable. Emergency situations will be considered for a rescheduled appointment.
  • Owners are expected to maintain and reinforce training outside of our sessions.