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Container O Rama

Registration is Closed.  Look for more fun searches next year.  "Presents, Popguns, panpoolers, pantookers, and drums! Checkboards, bisslebigs, popcorn, and plums! " Join us for a Themed Container Element/Sniff & Go style search with a twist!                   Single to multiple hides per search area.  5 search areas per entry.

$25 per entry, Birch search (NW1) and/or Birch/Anise search (NW1/2)                                                   $30 per entry Birch,Anise,Clove (NW2/3)

To benefit   Spay to Save    of Clallam County

and   Olympic Mountain Pet Pals   of Jefferson County. 

Bonus! We will also help put a new vacuum cleaner under the Gardiner Community Center's holiday tree.   

Come be joyful and triumphant at the  Gardiner Community Center (20 min east of Sequim) 980 Old Gardiner Rd, Sequim 

Registration is closed.  We will be having more fun searches next year.

Dog Policy :              *Dogs must be able to stay in their cars when not working.                                                                   All spatially challenged dog(s) must wear a red bandana.    Dogs must be on a 6' leash in the parking lot.   No flexi or retractable leads in the parking lot.  Please keep dogs at a safe distance from one another minimum 6' at all times.   No meet and greets between dogs.   Hides will not be reset for additional dog(s)per handler.   Dogs cannot wear  choke, prong or E collar during searches.   E collars not allowed on event property.      Bitches in season must wear pants and run last.                                                                                                                                                        *We reserve the right to dismiss a dog/handler team without refund if we believe the dog or humans behavior is inappropriate or dangerous to participants, volunteers or officials.

Questions?  Please email

Fill out one registration(below) per dog and submit.  

Payment made out and mailed to: Sea Change Canine      

1400   West Washington St. Ste 104 #346     Sequim,WA 98382                                                                                     

Name *
Phone # day of event *
Phone # day of event
Sex *
Ferry trip? Coming from afar? Gotta get to work? Mobility concern?
Does your dog need space?
I plan to enter *
Morning 1 = Birch $25 NW1 Morning 2 = Birch and Anise $25 NW1/2 Afternoon = Birch, Anise and Clove $30 NW2/3 NACSW rules (times may change-there will be an hour lunch break)
Cancellation and Refund Policy *
All cancelations must be in writing (email and will be confirmed by return email. Your cancellation will not be valid without a written confirmation of receipt from SCC. Full refund,minus$5 processing fee up to Nov 27th. No refunds for cancellations after Nov. 27th. No refunds for no shows. Working spots are not transferable.
Photography and Video release *
Photos and videos may be taken of event participants and their dogs during practice sessions, presentations and events organized by Sea Change Canine llc. Sea Change Canine llc reserves the right to use these photos and videos for educational and marketing purposes, it's website, presentations, etc. I hereby grant permission to Sea Change Canine llc to use photos and videos of myself, my family and my guests as well as my dog(s) for the publications listed above.
Liability Waiver *
I understand that attendance at a canine event is not without risk to myself, members of my family , guests who may attend or my dog because some of the dogs to which I (we) will be exposed may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury and /or damage even when handled with the greatest amount of care. I hereby waive,release,and agree to hold harmless, Sea Change Canine llc and /or agents or volunteers hereinafter referred to as "organizers", for injury and /or damage which I,my family,my guests, or my dog(s) may suffer, including, but not limited to , any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog(s) during the event or on the facility grounds. In addition, I expressly assume the risk of such injury or damage while attending any event, any other function of "organizers", and /or while on the facility grounds or surrounding areas thereto. I hereby agree to indemnify, compensate,and hold harmless"organizers" from any and all claims that may be asserted against them by any person(s) as a result of any action by me or my dog(s) that causes injury and or damage.

Payment made out and mailed to:   Sea Change Canine            

1400 West Washington St.  Ste. 104 #346      Sequim, Wa.   98382  

When payment is received an email confirmation will be sent.    Teams are not considered entered until payment is received.

Looking forward to sharing a fun day with you and your awesome dog(s)!                                                                                    

Earlier Event: November 18
Later Event: December 8
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